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A desire for mutual exchange of experiences, new ideas, socializing, business and personal development, new attainments and skills – all is enlisted in the requests and expectations of 89 programme participants. It definitely filled us with great optimism in observing such a great potential among the young in the companies who are prepared in confronting new challenges and are further on with their own energy able to improve themselves, the atmosphere in the companies and the entire environment even more.

You are kindly requested to join us at the Business Breakfast in June, where we will be honored by the attendance of our special guests Mr. Zoran Thaler and Dr Žiga Turk who will explain their views on the future of the European Union and the business environment in Europe. By all means we are cordially expecting you and your partners or families to attend the »Slovenia: USA Sports Cup«, our first sports family picnic, we are organizing together with the U.S. Embassy.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Ajša Vodnik, M.Sc.