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All four of them were riding recklessly and while three of them seemed to master their motorcycles, the fourth and the last one followed them and by watching him I had a strange feeling that he wanted to ride on his own way to prove what he was capable of, but it was evident that he was not. I do not know what he was thinking of at that moment but I do know that for him that summer day ended fatally. As they were riding past I was at first angry with them for I could really not understand them, but when I saw what the consequences were, I could just became very sad. The things that are lately happening in our country are probably not fatal, but the fact is that they make me sad. When it seems that we have finally come to terms, some unbelievable moves of individuals, who act for their own interests and regardless of the consequences, reappear. I really do hope that the days will come when we will finally be able as a country and community to determine our right track, I would like to finally understand.

I however have faith in the AmCham Slovenia right track in the coming fall, when we will have to work a lot, but look forward to it, especially if you will be with us!