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… as well as on the fact that already the change of our mind set, optimism and desire for cooperation would quickly contribute to a better atmosphere. I am indeed, as already mentioned before, every so often tempted to go abroad for a longer period of time, yet get quickly over it, as I believe that it would not be right if we, who have a lot of will and life energy, would leave, whereas it is on the other hand high time that all those who do not share the system of values of the modern world, the normal corporate governance and the transparency should withdraw! I am aware that there are also in the political sphere some individuals who wish to create opportunities not only for themselves but also for our children. I truly hope they would have enough power and support to do so. It is not only for my optimism that I wish to live and work in Slovenia but also for some events and facts. The will is for example given to me by our AmCham Young Professionals. I sincerely look forward to this Thursday when we will get to know who will be the Top Potential of the Year, although as for me all are the winners and I could tell a lot about their determination, ambitiousness, emotional intelligence, will,… of each and everyone. It will be by all means event of the year of Young Professionals, but also opportunity to step out of the box. Hope there is some seat left for YOU, because you do not want to miss this. Contact Maja and ask her (maja.kosir@amcham.si) By the way, let me not forget to mention that we are this year enrolling already the IV Generation and that the time for applications is quickly running out – actually there is time only until the end of May.

The proof that it is worthy to endeavor is also our visit to Ptuj, where we had on the occasion of the visit of the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia, organized by members of our Chamber also the opportunity to meet many outstanding entrepreneurs who modestly say that they are running a small business with 600 employees. Thank you, Marjan! The fact, denoting that according to the Living Standard Index, Slovenia is taking the high16th place, is as well telling me that it is not by accident that Slovenia is the only country in the world bearing sLOVEnia in its name. We just need to be more aware of this.