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It is true that my team works hyperactively, as we – five ladies create and organize all the events, yet it is only a little part of everything that we do. I am extremely proud of my girls, as we are able to despite all the amount of work always preserve a lot of good will. I am of course extremely proud and grateful also of you, dear Members, who are active and devote all your energy to creating a better business and social environment. Our working committees would not be functioning without your knowledge and willingness to share it, as well.
It may be true that we slightly exaggerated in the beginning of April, as we carried out 4 events in merely 2 days: Leader’s Club in cooperation with the US Embassy – top-level gourmet dinner with the great American chef Lenny Russo, inspirational AmCham Business Breakfast, for which I have been only sorry that it did not last longer as the invited guest speakers were so topmost that we could have been listening for much more time to their positive views on what can be done that Slovenia would flourish again and Jaka moderated the event outstandingly, IP Conference »I feel IP sLOVEnia«, significant reflections on IP as a social and economic category and the closing meeting of the III Generation with Justin Featherstone, a former Major in British Army, who after his experience with the young disabled people crossed Ecuador, completely changed his view of the world and way of life. Exactly these young people, who seem fragile and incapable, but are in fact amazing and full of will and energy, are the proof that everything is a matter of choice and motivation. I must admit that the lecture touched me deeply and it happened for the first time in my life that I had to finish my speech in Slovene language as I could not recall a single English word and I was anyhow crying the whole time.
It is such moments that one can consider as the milestones along his path of life. My awareness of what I impulsively wrote down on my FB profile after four events in two days is still much present and runs as follows: “Life is a beautiful journey, so grateful for every moment. I love my kids, my husband, my family, my friends, my team at work, my job, my country”. In this positive spirit I wish you a good start of finally true springtime. The sun is finally shining, so let it shine also in us.