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»At first glance it seems that this day has been nothing special, however when I thought about it once again, I realized that actually every day is something special if you enjoy in what you are doing. My Mondays start with a joint AmCham team meeting. There are five of us in our team and I am proud of each and every activity we do together. We organize more than 40 events annually, run 8 expert committees in which more than 150 experts cooperate, organize numerous international projects, the year-round program AmCham Young Professionals, which has been up to the present already attended by more than 280 active young potential leaders and we are actually right in these days launching entries into the » IV Generation«. Do not forget to register your candidates and thus enable them a professional and personal development, and in particular an opportunity to create their own top-level business network. The first application was sent by Enzo (Enzo Smrekar, Droga Kolinska). One can undoubtedly say for him that he is a true business leader, who is aware of the importance of knowledge and soft skills. Why do I respect him? »For he is having an immense energy and is always willing to share his valuable knowledge in the fields of management, marketing, mentoring…«

I would also like to remind you of the date – 4 April, when the Conference on Intellectual Property, entitled »I feel IP sLOVEnia«, will be held in our organization and within which also the AmCham Business Breakfast will take place.

Jaka Repanšek, Tjaša Burnik, Jana Jovanovska, Urban Vrtačnik – the Members of AmCham IP Committee have with the great aid of Vida prepared an outstanding program. » With the Conference that will provide an overview of the field of intellectual property we wish to strengthen the awareness of how significant the field of intellectual property is for the area of economy. When I checked again the invitation for the AmCham Business Breakfast which will be held in April, I could say only »wow«, wonderful guests, I am really looking forward to it with a great pleasure. The topic will be the intellectual creation and innovation as possible opportunities for Slovenia. We should ask ourselves quite a few questions. How to progress from invention to innovation and consequently to business opportunities? How to link top-level scientific discoveries with a successful business? Are we aware of the importance of the intellectual property? Are the knowledge and achievements of Slovenian experts used enough? What kind of environment do we need for the breakthrough of innovation? May all the enlisted above be an opportunity for Slovenia? I truly wish we will find the answers and even more that we will be able to create a business environment in Slovenia in which all the opportunities could be realized.«

Please take time also to read two articles about socially responsible projects that we at AmCham Slovenia have supported and a very interesting column, written by Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, the Co-Chair of AmCham Environment and Spatial planning Committee.

I have also found out – that it would be good if I wrote the diary more often, as I have come to the conclusion that I can really be grateful for so many wonderful things that happen to me but for the rush and lack of time they unfortunately just go past. However, I doubt I could stand it long – as at this moment I am most grateful that the beep is warning me of a low battery while the battery charger is in my office. So now I can only add – thank you and have a good night!