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November 20 & 21, 2015

Participants of the 2-day meeting challenged their communication skills together with mag. Ajša Vodnik and listen to their intuition with Liljana Cvjetičanin, dipl. psih., kinetic and graphologist.

“I was nervous for two hours because I felt that sooner or later I will have to stand on stage and in front of the camera. Ugrrr… When the workshop almost finished and I finally caught my breath again, my 5 min of show emerged. Combination of circumstances actually drove all that accumulated nervousness away. I am now a step closer to being entirely relaxed in front of the camera. Give on top of that the karaoke night full of bear hugs, and cognitive learning about ones emotional intelligence, the victory is at hand. I came home much richer! Thank you AmCham.”

Kristina Braniselj, NLB

“It is impossible not to communicate. Every second we are sending messages to our environment through verbal and more so through nonverbal communication. And how to be affective in communication? Firstly, it is essential to BE YOURSELF, and maintain the characteristics that make you unique. And secondly, always bear in mind that you are communicating with people’s feelings. They may, over time, forget the exact words you uttered, but they will never forget how they FELT at the time.”

Saša Cvetko, Knauf Insulation

“These two worshops in Portorož completely exceeded my expectations. Both workshops were definitely among the best ones that I have experienced so far. The same applies to both lecturers, who have confirmed my life motto: Even in everyday interaction with people that we encounter in the business environment, we need to maintain our integrity and to be aware that we are constantly interacting with fellow human beings – someone who deserves respect. If there is no respect, there is nothing.”

Miha Turk, Law Firm Čad

“Excellent! I do no know where to start. So much amazing young professionals, two wonderful and inspiring lecturers, overdose of positive energy, great and very needed theme of communication skills and intuition… After this two-days unforgettable event, I feel even greater AmCham Young group cohesion.”

Manca Kunavar, Business Development & Operations Coordinator, SGS Slovenija

“The two-day event in Portorož has certainly been the most impressive so far. Ajša has made some excellent guides related to performing and communication, and I was completely taken over by exceptional energy of Mrs. Liljana, who thought us about non-verbal communication, as well as how to live a full, fulfilling life. I liked that both workshops were interactive – the audience was actively involved in the lectures themselves. I’ve learned that a good leader must especially be an active listener, emit positive energy, which should primarily come from the individual and his/her satisfaction and a good motivator.”

Mateja Jakopin, Manager, Deloitte

“Successful people reputedly sleep less and in this respect we absolutely showed an enormous potential… but over and above that, we also learned of many communicational skills and tricks that will prove useful and also important in a much wider scope than just the business sphere, provided of course that some effort and self-improvement is undertaken in future. Excellent workshops where my attention didn’t slip for a moment, their duration and other fairly exhausting programme notwithstanding; and my gratitude also goes to the organisation team and my colleagues for this delightful and entertaining meeting!”

Maja Koritnik, NLB

“Thank you for an inspiring and educational weekend in pleasant company. Every such experience opens new horizons and reveals new possibilities for further personal and professional growth. Communication in whichever verbal or non-verbal form is one of the fundamental postulates of mankind, whereas the key lies in knowing yourself as well as the ones on the other side of the communicational channel. Note to myself: »Improve your active listening!”

Bine Pangršič, Adviser to the Management Board, Helios Domžale

“Different approaches … different techniques … different skills and expertise … different believes … different appearances … and nevertheless, different personalities. This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with a group of persuasive and most charismatic speakers. Although one was so different from the other all charismatic presenters had one thing in common – the way the touched their colleges’ hearts by opening their owns.”

Lara Delić, Project Manager, Profiles International Slovenia

“Key to effective communication is not only focusing on what but how. Non verbal communication expresses much more than a well prepared verbal content. It was a valuable lesson to experience importance of communication, intuition and emotional intelligence by such experts that are best at what they teach; Ajša Vodnik & Liljana Cvjetičanin. AmCham two-day meeting brough me closer to understanding the importance of personal values that drive our communication.”

Jan Kajba, Commercial Manager MM Slovenia, GSK

“To spend a weekend in such a good company of lecturers and participants was inspiring! The atmosphere was phenomenal, both in fomal as well as in informal part of the weekend. Both workshops served with useful information and knowledge, and also indicated the possibility of further education in these areas.”

– Damjana Pangerčič, Aerosol, Sales and marketing department

“A great thank to AmCham that brought together two unique personalities and give us an opportunity for unprecedented workshop, which was definitely one of the best in my career and personal growth. Mag.Ajša Vodnik shared her rich experiences through relaxed workshop, where she was encouraging our potentials. The importance of preparation for public speaking, especially before the camera, and the power of communication, which Ajša pointed out, are just the additional motivation for everyday improving on mention fields. She is the person who inspires me with an amazing trust in young people. Are not only her words “Just be yourself” the ones I’ll remember, but the feeling, and AmCham certainly gives the feeling that every individual counts.

Liljana Cvjeticanin left an indescribable impression. An independent expert, who has managed to keep the highest concentration level throughout the workshop, gave me the inspiration to explore emotional intelligence which grows for the lifetime. Definitely a person outside of the mold, who stimulates a desire for learning and success, whether in business or private life, with her incredible charisma. She gave us her knowledge at various fields through interesting stories, and showed us that there is so much more than words in every relationship”

– Loredana Hotovič, Austria Trend hotel Ljubljana