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Two-day AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM workshop

50 young leaders were challenged by mag. Ajšo Vodnik who tested their communication skills and listened to their intuition together with Liljana Cvjetičanin, dipl. psih., kinetik in grafolog.

Thank you AmCham for giving me the opportunity to listen to Ajša at our latest event held in Portorož. I gained some valuable information about how to react when faced with the situation of public speaking. It is not merely about performing in front of the camera, more so it is about daily communication with people who may unexpectedly put you into an unpleasant situation by asking questions. With or without the camera, we have to keep calm and respond to the questions asked correctly, ethically and by keeping our integrity and humanity. We have to understand that we are constantly interacting with people, with those who deserve our respect!

Thank you AmCham for giving me the opportunity to listen to Liljana. She opened our eyes to the importance of constant emotional intelligence upgrading. The level at which our IQ was measured is not important. What is important is the number of occasions when we have delivered our personal values to others, when we have understood the emotions of others, including our own, and when we have given our part of emotional development to society. It is important that we are aware of the four pillars of EQ and know that those pillars give us the optimal conditions where we can be leaders – our own leaders – happy and satisfied with ourselves. When we reach this level our mind lights up, we achieve inner calm and become charismatic people!

Rok Kobilica, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires

Thank you Ajša and Liljana for great workshops… and thank you, dear colleagues, for great energy. The event was special because of it’s content and even more because of people, which I met there a little better. The most marking statement of the event was definitely that if camera is in the room, it is always rolling. 🙂

Klavdija Merc, Adviser in Minister’s Cabinet, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

Both workshops were definitely among the best ones that I have experienced so far, which applies to both lecturers as well. Communication skills session and practical examples we did are definitely something conventional lectures and trainings do not include. Very valuable tips and advices on how to speak and behave properly in front of the camera can be crucial for obtaining the right credibility, in some cases also the job itself. The workshop was also very amusing and a great way to get to know each other. Liljana Cvjetičanin workshop really grounded me and opened my eyes. I always thought I am quite a good leader and negotiator, where Ms. Liljana on Saturday showed me the I am far from that. The depth and potentials of true leadership and negotiating process are amazing maybe even scary a little bit, since I can only imagine how would Ms. Liljana destroy me, if she would be on opposite side of a negotiating table. I was very skeptical in the first 15 minutes which then later on escalated in a very big enthusiasm I couldn’t hide at the end. I will try to upgrade the base that we have touched on the workshop, which will enrich me not just as a leader but more importantly as a human, a father, a spouse, …

Tomaž švajger, Red Bull Sales manager, Roiss

These two worshops/trainings were amazing. You can see that Ajša and Liljana are outstanding in their field. They both left great impression wits us. They shared their knowledge and experiences which will come in handy to us in the future in the business area. In addition, the workshop was good because we did get to know each other better and we become more connected.

Boris Vuković, Search and Selection Consultant, Manpower

Young ambitious people don’t need more than 3-4 hours sleep per night. They should also read at least 10 books per month.

Rok Rogelj, Program manager, SRC

Communication is the way by which we express ourselves in our daily lives. With our communication mode society, friends, co-workers accept or refuse us. With good communication skills, high emotional intelligence, which includes respect, personal development, knowledge we can become marvelous people, leaders and friends.

Sandra Valenti, Assistant SBU Savoury spreads, Droga Kolinska

The weekend workshops were a unique experience for every individual that desires to flame up his personal and career prospects. Insights into the media world from the perspective of an experienced journalist can only help a future top manager to understand the whole picture, as well as ensures a quick reaction to unexpected situations with the media. All this refers to knowing, excelling non-verbal communication, raising awareness of emotional intelligence, and building together foundations of successful entrepreneurs. And yes, feet will never again be just feet!

Tjaša Sobočan, Project Manager, Zavod Ypsilon

We were getting lessons on public speaking and on non-verbal communication. In addition to that we unexpectedly got a lesson what it means if behind the podium speaks powerful charisma. My only lessons so far that kept me awake from the beginning till the end, without any easing in between. Not to mention dancing lessons during the night…

Peter Merc, Hypo Alpe Adria

Perfect weekend of networking and new knwoledge enabling us growth in business and personal life.

Thanks AmCham.

Tomaž Erjavec, Director, Doctrina

Incredible two day experience enabled by AmCham gave me a solid ground for my professional and personal life. Ajša who made many of us embarrassed in front of the camera proved how important it is to prepare yourself for potentially unpleasant questions. Liljana Cvjetičanin with her unusual but still most inspiring performance emphasized the power of emotional intelligence and non-verbal communication and probably encouraged each of us to read (even) more. Thank you AmCham!

Petra Janežič, SC Process Improvement Manager Sr., Danfoss Trata

This 2days event was fun in the first place. However it was also useful and helpful. Definitely recommended!

Martin Železnik ACCA, Pooblaščeni revizor, Deloitte revizija

Both workshops have been an eye-opening experience that not only gave us a lot of valuable knowledge, but also made us use it by kicking us out of our comfort zones.

Blaž Jemc, IT manager, STA Travel

If you want to have a good life be friendly to journalists and do not point fingers.

Aleš Kavčič, Product Manager, Zavarovalnica Generali

The two-day meeting exceeded all my expectations. Networking, stress management in front of the camera and acquiring new knowledge of non-verbal communication. Liljana has taught us skills that are useful both in the business and private life. A little bit of joke, from now on I’ll always know who is hitting on my husband 🙂

Anja Beslič, Area Manager, Adecco H.R.

Ajša Vodnik and Liljana Cvjetičanin have given us a lot of important guidance for future career as well as for life.

One of those which I will keep in my mind every day goes as follows: “If you follow your story and be what you really are at every step you take you will be good at what you do and happy in your life.”

Eva Veselinovič, Financial consultant, EY