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The biggest event for the promotion of employment and HR development in Slovenia!

Establish a good foundation for easier and more efficient work in the future!

Career fair MOJE DELO is the only event in Slovenia for people, who are in any way involved in the employment and development of human resources! The traditional job fair, which will be held on 22nd and 23rd of October in Ljubljana for the twelfth time this year, will connect employers and career-oriented individuals, while the closed events will supplement the professional part of the fair, devoted to invited guests from HR departments of Slovenian companies.

Companies, which would like to position themselves as an attractive employer or even fulfill open positions in their company, have the opportunity to meet interesting candidates and moreover to build a better employer brand and therefore become more appealing to the most perspective candidates. Career fair will also be an opportunity to present deficit profiles and entrepreneur success stories.

HR fair will be held this year for the first time. The event will offer content and networking space for HR specialists and directors of companies in Slovenia.

Special offer for members of AmCham Slovenia: 10% discount for presentation at the fair as an employer (rental space, a complete package of services …)

Organizer of the Career fair is MojeDelo.com, the largest Slovenian provider of career products and services for advertising staffing needs. For more information, please contact the project manager Nastja Slak, nastja.slak@mojedelo.com.

They are expecting 15,000 people to attend the event. Present yourself to your target audience and enhance the visibility of your company in Slovenia!