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The keyword of the 2nd Meeting of the 8th Generation AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM was transformation, while the discussion was characterized by the dynamics of two views, two languages and two genders.

John Denhof came to Slovenia from the global stage and is leading execution of the five-pillar strategy to transform NKBM into Slovenia's leading bank. Ksenija Špiler Božič has participated in the transformation of Steklarna Hrastnik with the BB business transformation model. Our guests share a common opinion—business transformation begins with identifying the company’s added value.

About Organization

Ksenija Špiler Božič: “The key factors of the transformation process are attitude, clear strategy and trust from all participants. Establishment of a positive attitude toward environment and people, as well as the local environment should be included in the transformation.”

John Denhof: “We waste too much time thinking about things we should have done. There has been a lot of corruption in Nova KBM. A lot of talent and people have been lost because of it. This is the reason we are focused on employees' career development.”

About People

Ksenija Špiler Božič: “Fear, apathy, and anger keep us stuck. Employees have to be motivated to lose their fear. Analysis has revealed solidarity as the main value of Steklarna Hrastnik.    

John Denhof: “You have to find out what kind of people are surrounding you. The transformation process should involve only those people who want to stay part of the company. You have to motivate and develop employees. Mentors hold a key role in the development of competences of individuals.

About the Leader as an Individual

Ksenija Špiler Božič: “The leader is the key person for effective functioning of a company. Leaders are usually the most important by taking responsibility. They have to expand the ethos of responsibility among employees, which cannot be ordered. Values, challenges and strategies have to be translated into the vocabulary of the employees. Employees accept the vision that has a meaning for them. “







“Each speaker has presented their own ways of leading a company, which are completely contradictory – emotion vs. rationality. Every one of us is probably trying to find the optimal balance between both ways of leading. During the discussion the distinction masculine and feminine leadership was expressed. Each gender gives its essence to the leadership and that is what made this lecture useful for all future leaders.”

Špela Pirc, LanguageSitter

“Urgent measures have to be performed with regard to harmony with the local environment and in line with employee values.”

Tadeja Ozebek, IBM Slovenija

“John Denhof: Ask the client and improve your service. Change and improve your product. Make priorities in follow-up. Stick to the plan – no matter what.”

Matic Zupanc, Studio Moderna

“Recognize your value add. Ask for 360 degree feedback and follow up”

Sara Lorbek, Hal mBills