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The world is changing rapidly. It no longer suffices to understand these changes solely on the basis of past experience and to adapt to a new reality with traditional approaches. We need to create and implement new business, economic and social concepts and new approaches in order to successfully address the challenges of our new reality. The future is not something that will happen tomorrow; it is happening today.

AmCham Slovenia is a proud partner of 2017 Business Bled Strategic Forum, which will focus on the role of innovations. Innovation may also be understood as an act of adapting to an already changed reality. To successfully adapt, transform, and reap benefits, the business sector first needs to be aware of global developments. What are the key disruptors, and who will be the winners in the transformational race?

Business Bled Strategic Forum is a part of Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), launched in 2006 with a vision to bring together decision-makers from different fields, to encourage open debate on contemporary political, security and development challenges, and to search for new ideas and solutions.

A leading conference in Central and South East Europe, the annual Bled Strategic Forum provides the needed high-level platform for discussion of pressing regional and global issues. Attracting over 500 participants, including heads of state and government, ministers, diplomats, representatives of the business sphere, scholars and the media from the entire world, the forum also offers a unique opportunity for bilateral and multilateral meetings with the foremost regional and global stakeholders and a possibility for extensive networking between political and business leaders of today.