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Our guest was Patrick Cowden, founder, Beyond Leadership, a rebel, an unconventional leader and visionary with a sense of result. Patrick states that we should be talking about human connections instead of artificial intelligence. The debate highlighted the importance of links between people within organizations to achieve the full potential.

Column: This Young Professionals meeting got me thinking …

"We need to talk with a sincere purpose and give a true feedback to create positive energy."

Larisa Potokar, Telekom Slovenije


"We should really connect, both with our colleagues and our bosses."

Blaž Dečman, KNAUF Insulation


"Appreciation is the currency of the future, not money."

Sandra Nedog, Lek


"It is important that we talk to those leaders who care. The power of 'beyond leadership' model is that it gives power to the people. The power possessed by a leader is ultimately the power, borrowed from people."

Patrick Cowden, ustanovitelj, Beyond Leadership

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