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Droga Kolinska won AmCham Slovenia's Best of the Best competition for best business practices for its brand protection for the orange colour of its Argeta pate packaging. 

By branding its colour, Argeta has joined 0.03% of global trademarks recognisable simply by shape, colour or pattern. Argeta won the award in a very tight competition against website optimisation firm Optiweb with its organizational culture, and NGO Zavod Ypsilon with its Made with Y training programme for young professionals. All three finalists received the same total score from online voting, jury and voting at Wednesday's final event, but the decision of the judging panel swayed the end result in Argeta's favour.

Enzo Smrekar, the chairman of Argeta producer Droga Kolinska, highlighted today empowering employees and cooperation as the path to success. He in particular would like to see more of the latter in Slovenia: "We're not inclined towards close cooperation. And it's wrong." His call to cooperation was echoed by the other two finalists, with Optiweb founder and boss Miha Lavtar saying that success requires teamwork. "You cannot do much on your own. You have to have people around who help you." Manja Munda, the head of Zavod Ypsilon, meanwhile highlighted the importance of supportive environment for young people to help them build confidence.

Within the Best of the Best project, AmCham Slovenia has been highlighting, presenting and rewarding the best business practices for the fifth consecutive year. Exceptional projects and best business practices in the Slovene business environment introduce new knowledge, approaches, products, processes and business models in an innovative way. With their creativity and energy, they are not solely motivating employees, but the entire business community, and through their networking, collaboration and trust, they spread their knowledge, experiences and optimism.

At the AmCham Business Breakfast, entitled How Can Slovenians Conquer the World?, we were joined by Primož Roglič, Slovenian professional racing cyclist, who has surprised the world of sport with his excellent results and inspiring story. Dedicated to ski-jumping, he decided to change his skis for bike at the age of 23. Since then the 29 year old professional racing cyclist inspires us with his victories on the biggest world competitions.

Enzo Smrekar about the success of Droga Kolinska

Miha Lavtar about the success of Optiweb

Primož Roglič on the meaning of collaboration

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