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Adrenaline, energy, power, motivation, enthusiasm, passion, concentration, optimism … Otherwise known as being in flow. Being in flow is a particular state of consciousness that triggers an energy, which causes tingling all over the body.

This time, psychologist and musician Katarina Habe led the AmCham Best Practice Academy workshop. We talked about being in flow in the business world and wondered whether it was utopia or a vision. Katarina said that being in flow is an optimal experience and a particular state of consciousness that arises when our abilities are balanced in the challenges of the environment.

At the workshop, Katarina introduced us to various techniques, so that we can better focus in our work environment. Not only do these techniques help many musicians and athletes, they are also useful for those who want to achieve a superb experience of being in flow. If we want to relieve our energy, we must participate in physical activation, as well as concentrate on tactical notes.

When Katarina enthusiastically explained what being in flow means, we also relaxed ourselves, and at the same time we connected the soul, emotions, the body and our mind.

And as promised – we started with being in flow and ended up with pancakes.