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Personal touch and attention to details create a big difference with work and all the things we do, were the words of Maciej Galant, general manager of BMW Slovenia, who was the guest of honour at the latest Empower Lunch. 


Galant talked with a group of young leaders from the AmCham Young Leaders Club and told them that he himself lives and works by these rules all the time. One of his advices to future leaders was also: "Be yourself and do things differently than the others".

Empower Lunch represents a good way of meeting people in a relaxed environment where business leaders can share their wisdom and business advice with their younger peers. I have attended two of them, and I must say it was very knowledgeable and inspiring.

Nejc Slovnik, POINT OUT, BHS SKUPINA d.o.o.

Having lunch with a renowned businessman like Mr. Galant is always an added value and an inspiration to make things better or with a different approach, with the goal of solving our everyday business challenges easier.

Lovro Gruden, Pristop

Awesome opportunity for a close and insightful conversation with a top manager and team of AmCham young leaders. Culinary experience only adds to the quality of this event. 

Vito Hrženjak, Restart nepremičnine