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Jaka Repanšek LL.B, MBA, RePublis d.o.o., co-chair of the IP Committee

Jaka is the founder of RePublis Consulting, offering legal and business support to various TIME (Telecom, Internet, Media, Entertainment) companies. After graduating from Greenwood High School (Springfield, Missouri, USA) in 1992, Jaka graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He gained his graduate degree from Cambridge University in England and Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (Diploma in European Community Law) and completed two-year MBA graduate studies at the University of Kansas in USA. Jaka is also a permanent lecturer at the Faculty of Information Studies and at the Higher School for Applied Sciences (Photography), a member of several domestic and international organizations and is active as lecturer at various seminars and conferences.

Urban Vrtačnik, Vrtačnik Law Office, co-chair of the IP Committee

Attorney at Law is heading his own office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After graduating cum laude from the Faculty of Law in 2007 and passing the State Legal Exam in 2009, he was admitted to Bar in the year 2011. In his 8 year practice, he has been assisting and handling most complex matters in IP Law (Pharmaceuticals, IT, Retail Industry, Film/Music Industry), civil law and corporate law. He has also gained reputation trough public projects such as running processes and negotiations prior to the start of the construction of Islamic Cultural and Religious Centre in Ljubljana. Urban Vrtačnik is a President of AIPPI Slovenia (National AIPPI group) and a member of other organizations and bodies connected with his fields of expertise. He is an author and co-author of several contributions in the fields of labor law, civil law, IP law and bioethics. The article entitled “Cumulative Delivery Rate after Providing Full Reimbursement In Vitro Fertilization Programme: A 6-Years Survey” was published in BioMed Research International in 2014.

Intellectual Property Committee for 2014:

In 2015, the AmCham IP Committee will continue to promote education and awareness on the importance of intellectual property in order to raise the values of knowledge, creativity and innovation in all parts of our society, while it will also focus on certain issues of enforcement of IP rights. The committee will continue to upgrade and promote its Position Paper (adopted in the year 2013) as a manner of continuous proposal for legislative and operational changes connected with general IPR issues, specialization and efficiency of courts and other authorities, redefinition of preliminary measures, optimization of costs in acquiring of IP rights and promoting full transparency in collective management of copyright protected works.