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Outstanding projects and best business practices continue to inspire the Slovenian business community in 2019. This year’s AmCham Best of the Best Commission has evaluated all applications and selected nine finalist projects in three categories: InnovationMotivation, and Collaboration.

The following companies have been selected as finalists: 


  • Agitavit Solutions in Javno podjetje komunala Brežice; S pametnimi odpadki korak k čistejšemu okolju,
  • BTC; BTC Living Lab – City As a Lab,
  • Bajda, Bajda-Ultra Vergin.


  • Agilcon; Srce Agilcona,
  • Droga Kolinska, Atlantic Grupa; Prediktivna analitika pri zadrževanju zaposlenih,
  • POINT OUT; POINT OUT KnowledgeForGrowth.


  • Competo; Competo HR hekaton in skupnost "Future of Work",
  • Danfoss Trata in Petrol; Slovenija, povezana v energetiki: izložba globalnih trendov,
  • Lek, član skupine Sandoz; Znanost za Lek.

All finalists will be presented to the general public at the Best of the Best 2019 events. The first event – Innovation – will take place on April 10, 2019, from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. at Center inovativnega podjetništva NLB (NLB CIP). You are welcome to join us.

We congratulate all of the participants. Thank you for being a true inspiration and help when transferring positive business experience, new knowledge, and ideas to members of the AmCham business community and the wider business environment.

Best of the Best

Outstanding projects and best practices of AmCham Slovenia Members and other companies are introducing to the Slovenian business community new skills, approaches, products, processes and business models in an innovative way. These projects motivate not only the company's employees, but the entire community with their creativity and energy, and they lead to the sharing of experiences and spreading of optimism through their openness, trust and collaborative nature.

The Best of the Best program has been created as a guide, inspiration, and help in the transfer of new knowledge and positive business experiences. All participating best practices are a true inspiration for new ideas and solutions.​ 

You can read more about the Best of the Best project HERE.