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– Anil Menon, Global President, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco and 

– Anton Petrič, Cloud Lead, EMEAR-Central Region (CH, EE, R&CIS), Cisco

"Yesterday's talk with Mr. Anil Menon and Mr. Anton Petrič was truly exciting and inspiring. If all further AmCham Young Professionals meetings will be like this one, this year is truly going to be full of inspiration and new motivation."

– Katarina Ljubič, Attorney at law, Law firm Miro Senica and attorneys, Ltd.

"The presentation of Mr Menon and Mr Petrič reminds us that we should look beyond our offices, beyond our worlds, beyond our borders. Out there is a vast world of opportunities not only to benefit us personally but also to benefit whole communities. And as young leaders we should proceed in searching them passionately."

 Sabina Pirnat, Senior Tax Associate, PwC

"It was a very interesting presentation of how the world and the people in it will develop and what can we expect in the future. Stories about the business path of Mr. Anil Menon and Mr. Anton Petrič were very inspiring. They told us key information how to be successful, and where to focus our life on. With development of skills as leadership, followership, self organization and judgment, we are on the right path to bright future. But we have to keep in mind that we don't forget about the environment that we live in and the people that live with us on this planet and try to make a world a better place."

– Primož Figar, account manager TNT Express Worldwide d.o.o.

"Yesterday’s metaphor from Mr. Anton Petrič: “Ship is safe in port, but it is not made to be there”, will be one of my mottos in the future and in my opinion, every young Amcham professional should bear this in his mind."

– Eneja Osterman, R&D project coordinator, Danfoss Trata d.o.o.

"From a personal stance, getting a glimpse of Anton Petrič's sales-oriented mindset was an interesting experience, since my usual approach sides with the engineering viewpoint. It encouraged me to rethink the conditions in our own company and see a new possible source of the problems we often face. I believe my colleagues from other areas of expertise have been similarly impressed by Petrič's illumination of the possibilities brought by increasing digitalisation, and it is my sincere hope that this could only represent a beginning of a larger change for the better in the sense of the general efficiency of Slovenia, and mankind, as a society.

Anil Menon on the other hand has proved an inspiration with his extraordinary oratory skills and a charisma easliy perceived as an ideal of business excellence. Should the meeting have been less public, I would enjoy striking a perhaps more controverial topic of conversation with him, such as the issue of Chinese Internet blockage and the allegations that Cisco exploited the opportunity presented by the "Great Firewall of China" to expand their equipment sales, as the other – on the inside – side of the story could be interesting.

In short, both guests had been exceptional and well chosen. Hopefully, there are more of such to come."

– Bojana Kenda, Design Verification EngineerAviat


– Melnisa Begović, Vodja znamke Dormeo, Studio Moderna    

"When reflecting back after the meeting, I realized that time flew very fast and that information about very complex topic were delivered in such a pleasant, light and friendly way. It was very easy to keep the full focus during the meeting itself but also the focus remained afterwards as I felt inspired to investigate further and incorporate new learned information in my own routine. All in all it was great to be part of such inspiring event."