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“It should be recognized that energy, power and charisma were present in a meeting room. Especially I liked the presented vision that the top management of Gorenje sets innovation as an important value and consequently gives the impression that they understand it as an important and significant competitive advantage.”

Gaj Stavber, Ph. D in Chemical Sciences, Lek Pharmaceucitals d.d., Development Center Slovenia

“Mr Bobinac fascinated me with his contemplated approach, charisma and wisdom. He and his team are an example how things ARE DONE despite the economic challenges.”

Saša Jerala, Branch Manager, Manpower Group Slovenia

˝Mr Bobinac and his team impressed me not only with the results of their work but with the enthusiasm and excellence of their leadership. Meeting them and hearing their story makes everyone wanting to work with them. Our visit to Gorenje was a wonderful experience, because I was able to see from up close an example of a superb (Slovenian) company whose success is based on good planning, capable leadership, and innovation.˝

Timotej šooš, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

˝I would like to thank AmCham for organizing the visit to Gorenje as well as the company leaders for taking some of their time for us. It is always a great experience to be a part of first hand exchange of information with a CEO of a major company. Mr Bobinac really made an extra mile and took us behind the scenes of some milestone events that Gorenje faced in the recent period. He and the team of directors took us through the guts of the company and shared the work and challenges they face every day. Together with the tour of the plant and the warehouse, this helps us understand all the energy, enthusiasm and innovation behind the products created in Gorenje.˝

Aleš Sitar, IBM, Country Tax manager Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria

“Given the current negative situation in Slovenia it was a refreshing change to hear and see Gorenje´s story of success. To hear it from respectable individuals who actually believe that it is totally normal for Slovenia to know “what” and “how”, even better.”

Saša Hojker, Senior liability underwriter, Zavarovalnica Triglav

”Gorenje represents Slovenian company with clear strategy, defined goals and ambitions for something more (not just to be good – but to be exceptional). Their system of values (which is derived from Gorenje’s strategy) is clearly implemented in a variety of their activities – among other things, also in a carefully defined system of internal (corporate) communication. This is also important from the employee perspective – to keep them well informed and included in company activities – engaged employees are essential. Mr. Franjo Bobinac is a leader with the big L- from which young potential leaders can only look up and learn. With his upstanding posture, vision clarity, compassion for the fellow human being and corporate social responsibility, he also has the business energy of an exceptional mentor.”

Maja Majstorović Hajduković, Comtrade