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Hrastnik, April 1, 2016


‘’We have had an opportunity to see a real life example when CEO and employees are equally important for a company as we met and talked to all of them. The most interesting part was when Mr. Božič shared with us a great piece of experience in terms of reshaping organization and turning it from the one in debts to profitable one. The way they did it is fascinating – by investing and maintaining their workforce. Which is completely opposite from the current global trend in which most companies are cutting investments and reducing wages (number of employees). The logical and common sense approach to the business, with great vision and bravery, where all their efforts were paid off.’’

– Jovan Pavićević, Beenius

''It's always such an inspiration to listen to people who live their truth. I admire Andrej and Ksenija at how they manage to run a successful company and a successful marriage as well. It seems that playing different roles in life can be challenging but they are mastering them all. Focusing on solutions, relationships and improvements is something we could all use in our everyday professional and private life. My expectations for the meeting were high and I am happy to say they were more than exceeded.''

– Tamara Zalar, Tajfun Planina

''Passion leads to success. Challenge accepted will be successful because you believe in it and you know that the key is effective communication with all stakeholders. Transparency of the process and motivation are crucial.''

– Meta Simčič, KPMG poslovno svetovanje

“Manager’s responsibility is not only towards the owner but to the whole company and its stakeholders. If the manager thinks owner’s demands would hurt the company they need to hold the ground or leave.” If this was a common approach among managers I think we would have more healthy companies and less shifting of the responsibility.

– Nastja Stojanovska, Studio Moderna