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”Have you ever Googled yourself? Did you like what you saw? Would you hire yourself?” these were just some of the questions raised by young successful leaders to their colleauges who are confronted with a challenge of obtaining an employment. With experiences from their own practice the young leaders wished to instil energy and power to their colleauges in order that everyone who is passionate enough and wants to work with a strong will, would get the desired employment.

The volunteers of Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth in Ljubljana, who were the participants of the workshop, actively cooperated with the Members of AmCham Young Leaders Club: Žiga Vavpotič, Zavod Ypsilon, (Ypsilon Institute), Klemen Medved, Mercator and Jasmina Debevec, Lek, who were this time in the role of lecturers.

The workshop successfully proved to be a display, presentation of a transfer of good practice within one generation. AmCham Young Leaders Club (AYLClub) is namely a club that brings together those who have successfully completed the program AmCham Young Professionals ProgramTM and all those involved in the AmCham Mentor Program. It is intended for ambitious and successful leaders of the younger generation, who give an excellent example and set new standards in the field of running a management. The Club Members have decided by themselves that one of their most significant focuses would be exactly the social responsibility.

We can certainly follow the young volunteers from Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth example of how to help to those in need with such a great dedication.

Therefore the workshop on How to successfully prepare for the employment challenges proved to be a great opportunity for two groups of exceptional young people to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Maja Košir, Head of the Project AmCham Young Leaders, who also belongs to the younger generation, on this occasion said: »The tremendous energy and potential to change for the better could be felt among the young, the lecturers and the participants. We will definitely continue with such meetings, since the changes will not be done by »them«, but WE, the young will make them.«

Some statements made by the lecturers:

”Only you have the power to change something in yourself and in your life. ”- Žiga Vavpotič, Zavod Ypsilon, (Ypsilon Institute)

”Verbal and nonverbal communication should be reconciliated, at which the nonverbal is more important.”- Klemen Medved, Mercator

”Have you ever entered your name into the Google Search Engine? Did you like what you saw? Would you employ yourself?” – Jasmina Debevec, Lek

”You have to ask yourself what are your ideas, your dreams…by answering it you will get a tool for success.” – Žiga Vavpotič, Zavod Ypsilon, (Ypsilon Institute)

”Avoid using negative words. Replace the word problem with the word challenge.” – Klemen Medved, Mercator

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Patrons of the Club: Studio Moderna and Zavarovalnica Triglav, which enable the AmCham Young Leaders Club.