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The 9th generation of AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM got its winner. The title of AmCham Top Potential of the Year 2019 has been awarded to Matej Gostiša. The winner, selected by his peers, a judging panel and the audience at the event, said in his acceptance speech that the key was to connect people and be honest.

Matej Gostiša, a regional manager at Triglav INT, said that he confronts responsibility in his life with trust – trust in his team and his superiors, because trust is of key importance in cooperation and business. "If you trust yourself and the team you work with, you can achieve anything," said Matej. He also believes in a sober reflection and "no drama approach". "I learned this from my superiors, because regardless of the magnitude of the problems they get, they process them in a calm manner and they do not overexaggerate," Matej added.

After receiving the title of AmCham Top Potential of the Year and the sculpture in the form of an angel, Matej Gostiša thanked all those who voted for him and all 140 participants of the 9th generation of AmCham Young Professionals, with whom he spent the last year. "I think that the key task for all of us is to connect people, to be honest, and the results will bring benefits for everyone," said Matej, who by becoming AmCham Top Potential of the Year, also became the representative of the young generation and got a one year seat on the AmCham Board of Governors.

Other superfinalists were Žiga Debevec of Boston Consulting Group, Rok Koželj, marketing director at Gea College, data scientist Katarina Gašperlin of IBM Slovenija and Zoran Bosančić, a partner and co-founder of Point Out, a digital marketing agency.

AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM is a platform for the personal and career development of young potentials. It is a network of young people who, with their energy, bring optimism and emphasize opportunities, they are an inspiration and a commitment to change for the better. Young people who want to be active, who want to participate and trust each other. At AmCham Slovenia, we are convinced that the future lies in people who stand out from the average with their knowledge, skills, and commitment. 

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