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The limitless, 8th generation of AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM got their new ambassador. In the opinion of the event participants, the committee, and other competitors, the title of the AmCham Top Potential of the Year 2018 went to Vita Godec, Lenis farmacevtika.

"AmCham Young Professionals is a community of oddballs. But it is a community of oddballs that work well and work together. And if you choose me, I will complete everything I set my mind to, because I am effective and determined,” explained Vita Godec, PhD, Head of Business Development at Lenis farmacevtika. 

When presented with the title and the sculpture in the form of an angel, made by the sculptor and painter Miko Simčič, Vita thanked the AmCham Young Professionals platform, AmCham Slovenia, all the four wonderful people that she spent the year with – and more intensively the last month – and whose company she enjoyed immensely. She added that all individuals of the eighth generation are exceptional and have the power to change Slovenia for the better. Finally, she called upon them: “We can change Slovenia for the better. But we cannot just discuss things – let’s really change them!

Vita Godec, who completed part of her studies in the UK, said she hopes for a stronger connection between the academic world and the industry, such as exists abroad. She added that such connections are not developed enough in Slovenia, with both sides sharing responsibility. “In Slovenia, we have highly educated people. Even with limited networking, we have to make sure that they do not leave Slovenia,” she explained. 

Milan Dragić, executive director of Bisnode Southern markets, asked what she we do if, after yours of collaboration in a team, she received information that one of her closest co-workers was acting behind her back. She said that she would first discuss the matter with them, explaining that there was no place for such conduct in the company, then letting them know that there is no place for such workers in the company. “Otherwise, I would set a bad example to the other co-workers, and such conduct could continued,” she finished. 

The five superfinalists want to change the world

The final event of the 8th generation of AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM and the selection of the AmCham Top Potential of the Year 2018 took place in Cirkus Klub, Ljubljana. The business talents took the stage and proved, through many tasks in an entertaining settings, that they know how to handle themselves in all circumstances. The event was hosted by Tilen Artač, who – in the spirit of the elections – transformed into various politicians speaking about the values of AmCham Slovenia – optimism, passion, collaboration, trust, and creativity. 

All five superfinalists – young leaders led by passion and drive for reaching new milestones – shone on the stage. The following superfinalists presented themselves: Lea Norčič, Droga Kolinska, Atlantic Grupa, Matic Zupanc, Studio Moderna, Sanda Planinc, Law firm Šelih & partnerji, Rok Jerovšek, Law firm Kavčič, Bračun in partnerji, o.p, and Vita Godec, Lenis farmacevtika. Their guiding principle and message was that you can achieve anything you set your mind, if you’re persistent and love your work. All five super finalists bet on relationships, set high standards for themselves, stand out above the average, and want more. 

All other five finalists of the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM also earned rewards: Artjom Bajdak, Artjom Bajdak s.p., Žiga Brodnik, AV Studio, Aleš Falatov, SIJ, Miha Rihar, Petrol, and Timotej Vitez, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy.

The title of the Generation Facilitator was awarded to Artjom Bajdak. The Generation Facilitator was chosen by all participants of the 8th generation of the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM program. Artjom Bajdak got the majority of votes by persuading his colleagues with his personality, emotional intelligence, ability to connect, and his empathy. 

Optimism for Slovenia’s Bright Future

Ajša Vodnik, MSc, Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia and the co-author of the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM program, said: “Each new generation, the eighth included, brings a new message about what the talents can offer and what they expect. The entire Young platform is a significant reminder that it is important to improve the collective potential of Slovenia. To us, anyone that succeeds in their own development – both personal and professional – is a winner. And all those who only came to compete are losers. The world and Slovenia require a different manner of collaboration and growth, and I am happy that here, in Slovenia, we managed to build a reference program that promotes the skills of the future.”

Talents stand out above the average. Generators of progress even more so. Connectedness and ambition for more are the thing that distinguishes the limitless eighth generation of AmCham Young Professionals. Where did they get the idea that they can achieve more, even in Slovenia? They say from colleagues and connections built on the Young Professionals platform. They are setting high standards and bet on relationships. Last year we seemed bold when we discussed the AmCham Young Professional program as a subculture. This year, the eighth generation surprised us with a hymn and a flag. But let’s leave manifestations aside – the positive awareness of the Young platform is growing fast. And I’ll dare to close on a political note: Choose Young, because we think forward!” said Tonja Avsenik, AmCham Slovenia Young Programs Manager. 


When you receive the AmCham Top Potential of the Year title, it seems as if you also got a team of exceptional individuals, ready to support your ideas, to include them in various projects, and to develop them actively. That’s why I skipped over several years of learning, rumination, and testing behind closed doors, and made excellent progress, both personally and professionally. A very entertaining year is behind me, in the most positive sense, and I am extremely grateful to AmCham for the opportunity, knowledge, recognition, and support,” said Deana Jezeršek, AmCham Top Potential of the Year 2017.

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