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In the beginning of June an important scientific monograph has been published. In the words of Werner Zdouc, PhD, director of the Appellate Body Secretariat of the WTO, the book Svetovna trgovinska organizacija in državna suverenost (The World Trade Organization and State Sovereignty, GV Založba, 2013, 352 pages) by Irena Peterlin, PhD, is exceptional in several respects.

The author’s book, inter alia, stands out for its analytical approach that discusses WTO law within the broader framework of public international law and the limitations it places on sovereignty in a globalized world economy. The author also describes key WTO agreements, placing particular emphasis on the very active WTO dispute settlement mechanism and its various stages from consultations over panel and appeal proceedings, to jurisdictional issues and questions of implementation and enforcement.

This book provides the answers for those in practice who deal in their work with current WTO law and international legal issues, economic integration, economic diplomacy and international affairs.

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