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Distinguished representatives of the private sector, respective CEO’s, dear directors!

We are aware that times are not easy. So with Simbioza we try to make a brighter day for the elder and show the right path to the youth. During these times, as you probably already know, we have connected Slovenia three times. Each year approximately 3000 young volunteers taught around 5000 elder how to use computers. We did it to show that youth cares for the elder and helped the elder realize that the future is up to the youth.

We pulled off this action with great spirits, enormous amount of volunteer work and the support of the private sector. It was never easy, but we succeeded and today Simbioza represents a truly honest intergenerational cooperation, which spreads positive values in our society.

Our wish was to make Simbioza a sustainable story. And so it became. Last September we opened an Intergenerational Center at Dunajska 22, Ljubljana, which is available to young and elder, and those in between. With more than 100 various events from the beginning, we organize several workshops, such as English for the elder, brain fitness and numerous computer workshops. Intergenerational Spanish is definitely one of our successful attemps with intergenerational learning. We have managed to create a space that lives and breathes on cooperation.

We were sad and shocked when our center was robbed, as they took all 31 computers and other equipment we need to work on a daily basis. But we had no time to rest, because we promised to

have free of charge activities regarding the tax information for our citizens, so we had to borrow computers and continue with work.

Now the time has arose to do everything we can to rebuild our center to its origins, also by making a step forward regarding the security.

We kindly apraise to you with a simple request.

Here is how you can help us. Simply with a donation, or by purchasing a new computer for us. We chose the laptop HP 15-d050sm N2810, which costs 296.28 EUR, as we want to have the same equipment in the whole center. You can purchase the computer directly (we will connect you with the company) or by making a donation on TRR SI56 0201 0026 0373 186 at NLB, d. d., Ljubljana, signed: »računalnik/i Simbioza« and the number of donated computers (we can also arrange the donation agreement). Instead of computers you can donate means for extra security, as we are more careful from now on.

All the computers will have the labels “This computer was bought by…” and the logo of your company. All the donators will be mentioned at the press conference we plan in the second half of April 2014.

We would highly appreciate if you can let us know how you decide at ana.plesko@simbioza.eu by the April 22th, 2014. I am also available for more information on 040 600 133 or on the mentioned e-mail.

Thank you for your support, we strongly believe that with your help we can build or center back in the origin state and full function.