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What is the brain? How does it work and develop? What is going on in the brain while we think, feel and emotionally react? The answers to these questions as well as many more findings about the brain are offered by the exceptionally educational exhibition Brain: the Inside Story by the American Museum of Natural History, New York. In Ljubljana, it will open on May 15 at the GR – Exhibition and Convention Centre. The exhibition is designed for all generations, and according to prior agreement there will be organized guided tours for groups.

The story of human brain is an exhibition consisting of numerous interactives, models, brain games and other exhibits, based on research and the latest technology. It covers 1300 square meters of exhibiting space and is divided into sections covering basic information on the brain, i. e. Your Sensing Brain, Your Emotional Brain, Your Thinking Brain, and Your 21th Century Brain.

The exhibition was prepared by the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York, in collaboration with: Codice. Idee per la cultura, Turin, Italy, in cooperation with Comune di Milano – Assessorato Cultura (City of Milan – Department of culture), Italy; Guangdong Science Centre, Guangzhou, China; and Parque de las Ciencias (Park of Sciences), Granada, Spain.

The exhibition which is at the moment on view in Milan, was so far only admired in the cities related to its creation: Milan, New York, Guandong, and Granada. After Granada and Milan, Ljubljana offers the only opportunity to see it in Europe, irrevocably until August 24, 2014.

More: www.brains.si

Brain: The Inside Story