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The Corporate part is intended for PR practitioners and managers, and this year’s theme is Public Trust in Organizations and the Role of Professionals in Communications. The goal of Corporate part of the conference is to represent to the participants the way in which practitioners, thus executive officers and communicators, face the combination of financial crisis and lack of public trust in the time when there is less and less financial and human resources. Part of the conference will also be a round table on which we would like to represent views and experiences of prominent players of the business world.

The conference already became well-known internationally. This year’s BledCom will host two prominent speakers, Mr. James E. Grunig and Mrs. Larissa A. Grunig , PR practitioners form University of Maryland, USA, and representation of opinions and conclusions by communication professionals Jerry Swerling from USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, USA, and Ansgar Zerfass from University of Leipzig, Germany.

You can read more about tje Bledcom conference on: www.bledcom.com, where you can also register.