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Simbioza is an all-Slovenian volunteer project, which connects generations through free workshops of learning basic computer knowledge and usage of mobile phones since 2011.

The main purpose of Simbioza is cooperation and exchange of knowledge between generations and the encouragement of lifelong learning. The goal is to raise e-literacy and interest in learning e-skills among elderlies. Above that this project promotes values of volunteering and responsibility among young people as well as strengthens proactive relationship towards civil society and its own future.

This year the Simbioza workshops will take place between 21st and 25th of October. Applications for participants as well as for volunteers, who wish to teach elderly people basics of computer, are already open. You can apply on our website www.simbioza.eu, through our phone 040-940-888 or at Simbioza info points, which are located throughout Slovenia.

Join Simbioza!

If you are using computer, surfing on the internet and using mobile phones on a daily basis, you are a perfect candidate for Simbioza volunteer, where you can participate at our free workshops and show elderly people how to use computer and become e-literate.

Every average computer user can participate as a volunteer. You don’t need to be a professional to teach elderly people with e-skills, you just have to be a little bit patient and with good spirit.

You can also include your own organization in Simbioza. How?

If you have at least four working computers, your location can become Simbioza classroom, and you can help us with promotion of our project so to spread information about Simbioza among your members/employees/partners. You can of course join us also as sponsors.

If you have any other idea for our cooperation or you have different suggestions, information or questions, we invite you to contact us through info@simbioza.eu