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We will bring Slovenia together with united strength!

In 2012, the European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations, Slovenia will again unite in the spirit of inter-generational cooperation. Project Simbioz@, the first Slovenian voluntary project for raising computer literacy, attracted over 5.706 participants the previous year. We have again set high goals for ourselves as we want to create an understandable and patient society, as well as prove that Slovenian people are keen to help.

Project Simbioz@, which successfully broke new ground last year, will take place between 15th and 19th October all over Slovenia. The work of more than 2.400 volunteers enriched the project last year, which is why we have again targeted the youth to join us. Only together we can achieve the central goal of our action, which is to enable the older generation to have a positive experience with the computer, to increase their self-confidence and to motivate them for further learning, as well as using the computer and internet. Beside the basic use of computer, web browsing and e-mail use workshops, we have enriched this years program with two very up to date themes – social media and digital photography.

Our wish is to once again create a very memorable and successful project Simbioz@ 2012, that will bring two generations together, contribute towards a better computer literacy of the elderly and start creating a culture of inter-generational solidarity, which young people will be able to carry forward and thus create a welfare society as a whole. We can also make this possible with your help and collaboration. Simbioz@ would like to invite everyone who believes cooperation between two different generations is important, and would like to encourage young people towards volunteering and better understanding of others. Everybody who wishes to help the elderly keep in step with the times and conquer the more than needed computer skills is welcome to join us! For more info about the project visit our website www.simbioza.eu or email us info@simbioza.eu.