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Golden Thread (Zlata nit) it is a unique media-research project, conducted on the initiative of Dnevnik newspaper with the involvement of economic (Faculty of Economics) and human resources experts (Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Arts) from the University of Ljubljana. It is a national selection of the best employers in category of small (from 10 to 50 employees), middle (from 51 to 250 employees) and large companies (over 250 employees). Golden Thread is the recognition and promotion of the best employers. It oversees the quality of the relationship between the organisation and employees.

The aim of Golden Tread is to find the best Slovenian companies, which are model and inspiration of Slovenian economy, companies which are best employers. Welcome to join Golden Thread 2012. More info: http://zlatanit.dnevnik.si/ or zlatanit@dnevnik.si.