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Have you applied for yet?

The seventh media-research project 2013 Golden Thread, conducted on the initiative of Dnevnik newspaper, was launched in the end of September 2013 and, in the months to come, the best employers inSlovenia will be selected.

In a modern organisation, the relations between the organisation and the employees are the key factor of success. If you are interested in how your colleagues assess the relations in your organisation, apply for the contest! Please find the application form and other information on the website www.zlatanit.com, under the Application Form/Prijavnica tab.

In foreign countries the best employer contests are part of regular practice and the top-ranking companies are usually the leading companies in their national economy. In Slovenia we have a similar situation. The Golden Thread is looking for and is proud to bring such companies to the forefront.

The project and its mission are also supported by AmCham Slovenia.