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AmCham Slovenia – together with IBM, we know the Key to Solution!

Let`s move ON. This year`s Key to Solution definitely won`t leave you indifferent! IBM has namely prepared outstanding business and life stories to be presented to 500 participants from the top business managements of companies and to IT managers, analysts, business developers, media representatives and others.

Many domestic and foreign experts will through 4 thematic sections – New Dimension of Business, Smarter Computer Science, Smarter Marketing, Good Practice- present their concrete solutions for the change for the better. The event will start with a look into the future, will in its main part continue with concrete solutions and will be in the end concluded by a true life story on how the wildest dreams have come true. We will have the opportunity to meet the world-class speakers!

Together with IBM, we know the KEY TO SOLUTION.

You are kindly invited to Portorož, where we will all TOGETHER open the doors to the changes for the better!

Do not miss top outstanding speakers at the Key to Solution:

Exceptional visionary and strategic economist

Plenary session, 24 October 2013, at 9.30 a.m.

Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow

Technology Trends of the Future: A New Era of Computer Science

A man with the hat, that sees far ahead

The visionary, who from the suburbs of Chicago rose to one of the most prestigious titles in the ICT profession in the world, will lead us to a new dimension, to the sphere of the technology trends of the future.

Harry van Dorenmalen, Executive Chairman, IBM Europe

New Europe in a Changing World

Who will be the Winner and who will be the Follower?

The strategic economist, who works with distinguished world and European organizations such as NATO and the European Defence Agency, will present his views on how the new economy will change in the future.

Turning point changes, turning-point stories

Evening lectures, 24 October at 6.00 p.m.

Josephine Green, Expert and Visionary of new leadership models, Beyond20: 21st century stories*

New Perception for the New Era

The advocate of fresh mind and of new findings in the field of sustainable development will challenge us to a different manner of thinking and acting.

Devon Harris, Olympian, the Captain of the first Jamaican Bobsled Team and the Founder of Foundation Keep on Pushing.

Stand by your plan and go on!

Devon Harris will through his life story speak about the power each of us has inside. If we wish that our wildest dreams come true, we have to begin at ourselves.

Also the 2nd AmCham Young Professionals TM Meeting, held on 24 October 2013, will be an exclusive gathering with coffee and conversation with the exceptional and motivational speaker Devon Harris.