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The Chamber of Commerce plays the key role at promoting towards international business organizations and Slovenian companies benevolent business environment. In addition to stimulating a positive business climate, AmCham Slovenia also endeavors for the increase of competitive position, the international trade and cooperation at development, at investments, etc. It is a bridge between the economy and the state and with its arguments through eight professional AmCham Committees encourages and advises to the formation of law regulations for simplifying and improving the development of economy, and acts as a forum for the interchange of ideas within the economic operations in Slovenia.

For this purpose, the AmCham Slovenia organized a luncheon with the Candidate for the University President, prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik. The event, on which prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik presented his program, was moderated by mag. Ajša Vodnik, the Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia, and was attended by representatives of economy and the young from the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM Program.

The main topic of the meeting was “Linking the Economy and the University”. The participants among other discussed the responsibility of the students, the quality of pedagogical and research work, the need for linking with the international environment and the importance of the role of University for the development of Slovenia.

They agreed with prof. dr. Svetlik over his program, gave some suggestions and wished him much success in the elections of the President of the Ljubljana University, as well promised all their help and support during his mandate as they all agreed that there is still quite a lot of unused potential at the Ljubljana University.