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Runners of AmCham and ABC šport,

after two months of individual preparation or rest, we will gather again at our old locations, chat a little bit and go for a run.

Grega will welcome us on Tuesday 2 September at 18.30 at Letno telovadišče at Bleiweisova street (next to the swimming pool complex Ilirija). Since the days are now shorter than in spring, we will all at the same time, but the training program will still be adjusted both for the ones who took advantage of the just right warm summer days for running and also for the ones who didn’t. We will be running together every Tuesday until the Ljubljana Marathon, on 26 October. For the first time in history of the marathon, the route of the marathon will differ in the second part of the run from the first lap.

On Thursdays we will also meet at 18.30 at Čolnarna Tivoli, and gain fitness and strength on Rožnik hill with functional exercise.

More information: info@abcsport.si 041/668-249 (Peter), 040/632-020 (Petra), 040/632-030 (Tina)

Enjoy till Tuesday, afterwards we will enjoy even more,

More Information HERE