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Run to Success!

First exercise
will be held on Tuesday 29th March at 6:30 p.m. or on Thursday 31st at 6:30 p.m. (Tivoli, Rožnik).

Change of the training location. This year we will be running in summer stadium Tivoli, which is situated between Tivolska cesta, swimming pool complex Ilirija and students’ gym Tivoli.

Presentation of the exercise (goals, work plan, diet, rest,…) will be held on Thursday 17th March at 7:30 p.m. in class room 7, BIC (Biotehnični izobraževalni center), Ižanska cesta 10 (opposite to Botanical garden), Ljubljana. You can participate at the presentation even though you have not applied yet and you would like to get more information before doing that.

Application on e-mail address: run@amcham.si by 17, March 2011.

Set yourself a challenge. You know the U.S. President’s Obama motto: »Yes, we can!«

AmCham Run is intended to all of you who are aware that it is not possible to successfully handle everyday’s stress and increasingly demanding working environment without the right balance between business and private life, without constant care for personal health and fitness.

In the company of AmCham members and Diplomatic Corps you have an opportunity to create yourself a pleasant circle of people, with whom you often meet also for business reasons. But here the priority is you and relaxation through sports. Together, goals of each individual will be achieved easier; weather the goal is 10km Ljubljana, 21 km Berlin or 42km New York Marathon.

Those of you who have a wish – it is important to start and it is easier to start among friends and with professional guidance. Those, who are already consolidated runners, maybe you need an advice from an expert, maybe you want to achieve better results – just for your soul, or you are facing a danger of injury due to incorrect running and lack of stretching – we offer you more so running will continue to be sports pleasure for you.

Program AmCham Run is intended only for individuals, who are employed in companies which are members of AmCham, and for their life partners.

Plan of exercise

Plan of exercise will be similar as last year (only one running group) yet we shall have two hours of group training. Runners will have a chance to select guided run once (optionally on Tuesday or on Thursday) or twice a week. To the guided run on stadium (most probably on Tuesday) we shall add an hour of group run in nature (most probably on Thursday in Tivoli) where we shall become acquainted with some other useful elements of training (including practice for strength – „trim path’’, run technique, uphill, run, Nordic walk, cross fit…). The purpose of this exercise is to expand your knowledge of running, to eliminate faults and maybe also to achieve, accordingly to the principle of effective and integrated approach, measurable progress. We shall be running for our own well-being and also medical prevention – investment into our own health. We shall plan our goals for Ljubljana Marathon 2011, we shall be encouraging each other and we shall do our best to achieve these goals together. In short, we shall discover that running can be fun too!

Time table

The program is divided into three parts. The first spring part from March 29th by June23th, summer part (probably only one hour per week) from June 28th by August 28th and autumn part from August 29th until Ljubljana Marathon which will take place October 23th. Running trainings will be held on Tuesday in summer stadium Tivoli and on Thursday group running will be held in Tivoli or Rožnik.

Running training

It is a group exercise under supervision and the pace is adjusted (also when we shall run in Tivoli) to each individual’s capabilities. During running exercise there will be breaks for intermediate consultations and comments, control of training, for additional running exercises, and we will learn to listen to our bodies. Trainings will be very diverse – single exercises which aim to strengthen various motoric abilities (endurance, speed, strength,…) will practically never be repeated in the same form and therefore the program will really be versatile.

We organize this program in cooperation with brilliant experts:

ABC šport

Professional manager: Grega Hočevar, 37, BSc. Physi., former member of the National team for Triathlon and Ironman championships; co-worker at the Institute for Sports at University of Ljubljana; author of professional and popular articles from the field of biomechanics, physiology and healthy sports activities; heading several recreational and triathlon groups; in recent times organizing mass sports events.

Janez Pustoslemšek, Professor of Phys. Educ, former competitor in cycling, organizer and executor of guided exercises for adults and children.

Membership fee

Spring part (3 months), summer part (2 months), autumn part (2 months)

30 eur/month for weekly run program and group exercise once a week

40 eur/month for weekly run program and group exercise twice a week

Price includes exercise plan, technique and tactics learning participation to group exercises and consultations during exercises.

Training fee is paid to ŠD ABC šport after registration (please mention at registration whether the fee will be paid by legal entity).

Application and information

We are accepting applications from March 17th, 2011 to E-mail address: run@amcham.si

In case of application of one of your family member or partner while her/his company is not a member of AmCham please specify your company name.