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We have begun to speak aloud about the corporate social responsibility in Slovenia already a few years ago, however the process of internalizing the social responsibility of enterprises is still more or less in its early stages. Corporate social responsibility does not denote merely sponsorships or donations, it is the company’s philosophy, which is embedded in the business strategy at all levels of an individual company and covers both the aspects of the employees, the company’s relation towards its environment and its involvement and engagement in relation to the local community in which the company operates, or to a wider society in which it operates. Strategic commitment to positive work must be lively present at all these levels as it would be otherwise difficult to speak about a true social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is not merely an externally oriented activity, but it also connects the employees of an enterprise, who are content and motivated to contribute to the changes of society. Of course, this does not happen spontaneously. The management of the company should provide the employees with an understanding for the implementation of socially responsible projects and should support them and incorporate them in all aspects of business strategy. Effective strategies of the social responsibility contribute to the satisfaction of the employees, to the development of good products, to good business practices, to a cleaner environment and last but not least to business results. Buyers also prefer to reach for products made by companies which are known for their social responsibility. According to researches namely two out of three customers expect that a company contributes also to broader societal goals.

We headed for the implementation of socially responsible projects in the very strategy of Studio Moderna. We started with our employees. In the beginning, we tried to share the consciousness of the necessity of the contribution of each individual to engage into protection of our environment and to encourage cycling to the workplace. Our project “From Garden to Workencourages the purchase of agricultural products from the local environment, without long miles of journey to get from garden to plate and without massive amounts of CO2 to be released in our atmosphere. We also promote self-sufficiency with raising awareness and support for building gardens in primary schools. Seeds of various vegetables and crops from the Slovenian seed bank will be planted in these gardens. In this way we contribute to the integration of the pedagogy of ecological literacy of children in primary schools. With our portalWarm Embrace” we support a number of humanitarian and non-profit organizations.

We should not neglect supportive partnerships to donation projects as well, as they form a part of our social responsibility. Thus, in collaboration with our magazine Viva, we cooperate at supporting and preserving the Hospice House. Since the activities of Hospice House, which is threatened with cancellation, are funded primarily from donations and since the state – like a bad mother – has this year again forgotten her child, there will be a Gala Concert held on 26 January in SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. Funds from ticket purchased will be used to maintain this unique institution that offers help and support to the dying due to disease and to their families. This partnership is not a random one, as in the magazine Viva we try to promote consciousness of healthy and quality lifestyle, which is supported every year with the campaign “My Doctor”.

Studio Moderna is apart from above mentioned trying to help in various other ways. Together with our management, we namely believe that a person is perfecting himself in interacting with people and his living environment and by supporting them. Wealth is not measured in figures on a bank account, but in an individual’s contribution to society, in help, especially to those who do not have enough opportunities to self-provide adequate living conditions. The quality of life in my opinion is significantly affected by how other people around us live. We are not able to help them all, but we can strive and promote our environment, customers and readers, that we altogether do more good deeds every year. This is socially responsible.