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Join over 5600 volunteers who have participated in the Simbioza project in the past two years and introduced basic computer skills to seniors. Now it is your turn!

The Simbioza project workshops will take place across Slovenia from October 21-25 in morning (9:00-11:00) and afternoon terms (16:00-18:00). Volunteers get to decide on the combination of terms and locations that work best for them.

If you master basic computer skills (mouse, keyboard, text production) along with patience and goodwill, you are the perfect candidate to pass your computer knowledge to seniors. Neccessary materials (manuals) for the workshop execution will be handed out to you.

The deadline for applying is Tuesday, October 15, 2013 via www.simbioza.eu, 040 940 888 or info points in Si.mobil stores across Slovenia.

Should you have any further questions, suggestions or hesitations, please contact us by email prostovoljci@simbioza.eu, they will gladly answer you.