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Dear AmCham Slovenia members,

There is a natural disaster of terrifying proportions happening in our immediate proximity, threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Images of despair in the eyes of victims, horrifying facts about the nature and consequences of floods in neighboring countries are shocking. Therefore: without big words – LET’S HELP! We propose and ask the companies to help the people affected by one of the largest natural disasters in region, according to their capabilities.

There are campaigns to raise aid for flooded areas in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia going on all over Slovenia. In case your company already took part in these campaigns, we give you our sincere acknowledgment, otherwise we encourage all the others to do that and join us in a joint aid action, namely:

1. You can decide to support those affected by floods financially, by bank transfer to the AmCham Slovenia account TRR SI56 2900 0005 9808 893, with reference POMOČ. We will cooperate with colleagues from AmCham Croatia and AmCham Serbia, who are linked to their national authorities and humanitarian organizations who best know where the most devastated areas are and where the aid is most needed. You can trust us that we will, together with them, provide concrete support and what is the most important – that it will go into the right hands. You can count on a detailed report on how the aid was distributed.

2. Second option is material aid. If you want to help materially, we suggest you focus and donate things that currently most needed. AmCham Slovenia teamed up with company Odelo Slovenia, which will on Friday 23 May organize transportation of aid to affected areas in Bosnia and Serbia, with their own funds and fleet of vehicles, where your aid can be added to their own shipment. Their list of currently most urgent material goods, collecting to help those affected in floods:

– sleeping bags, folding beds, blankets… (no clothes)

– sanitary material and hygiene equipment

– long lasting food items (at least 6 months before expiry date)

– water

– baby food, diapers

– pet food etc.

Moreover there is a special action initiated by AmCham Young Professionals Program, where they try to activate and help to involve in collecting the aid material as many colleagues as possible, until Monday 26 May, 2014. On Tuesday (Wednesday if necessary) they will organize the collection of material gathered by vans and of course appropriate further distribution. In case your company will decide to collect the material aid directly among the employees and need additional help with coordination with material transportation, please contact directly the action initiator Anja Kovačič, 041 836 503, aniakovacic@gmail.com or Tamara Pavasović Trošt, 030 606 366, tpavasovic@yahoo.com.

Together we are stronger! If you want to join in action, participate and help, please contact Nina Irt, nina.irt@amcham.si, 030 646 088 or Katarina Makovec, 040 766 999, katarina.makovec@amcham.si