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His key messages addressed to Slovenia were the following:

»Slovenia has to sell the state assets and attract foreign capital. As a small country, Slovenia has the advantage of being flexible and quick in changes«.

»Slovenia has successful enterprises, great people and a geo-strategic access to all parts of Europe. Slovenians have potential for changes for the good or for the better well in their hands – I wish you the change for the better«, Dr. Dibelius optimistically concluded his speech.

3 main issues that investors have in mind:

»Although I am not a political counselor, I am familiar with the 3 main issues that investors have in mind:

1. Changing the leadership on the global level – there are some good signs showing especially in the USA and China.

2. Energy positioning: which for the USA means to be at a stage of deciding whether become self-sufficient – their dependence and geo-strategic interest in the Middle East can quickly change. Whereas as regards China on the other hand the fact that the rapidly growing industry depends entirely on the energy resources is of a great importance.

3. GDP of each potentially interesting country to investors is of crucial condition before making any decisions to invest«, Dr Dibelius summed up his thoughts.