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The year 2012 is bringing new challenges to Slovenia, to Europe, to the world and to the individual.

We have at the AmCham Business Breakfast held today with a record attendance of leading Slovene economists and foreign ambassadors learnt how the leading business leaders which were chosen as role models by AmCham Young Professionals plan to respond to the approaching challenges of the 2012.

The guests shared their replies in a discerning, professional and yet in a human and at times even humorous way with the audience.

France Arhar, PhD, the CEO of UniCredit Banka Slovenija stressed out that it is of a major importance that a quality leader, besides possessing devotion and confidence, has to fulfill agreements within the agreed deadlines and that we all need a stable strategy of what we wish for and where we are heading to.

Sandi Češko, CEO of Studio Moderna Group, pointed out to be oriented in the positive direction by nature: »I always focus on the Donat, not on the hole,« and pointed out that the most powerful and the most decisive component of a successful company lies in the highest degree of professionalism and the highest level of trust within the team in a company. He noted as well that one of his keys to success lies in his effort to invite people that are smarter than him to join his company and furthermore explained that every step he makes and wherever he goes, he seeks and recognizes talented people to be invited into his company business.

Tatjana Fink, MBA, Manager General of Trimo, in one sentence described the world situation and regarding the Mayan Prophecy on the end of the world emphasized that the end of the world we have known exits already at the present and that we do not have to wait it to happen on 21 December 2012 and that we instead of criticizing need to try to positively and proactively react within all dimensions.

Matej Potokar, MBA, Manager General of Microsoft Services Unit in Central and Eastern Europe, pointed out the importance of the reconciliation of the triangle: family, business and personal needs. “Since I work abroad I am probably more positively oriented than people in Slovenia.” He also stressed out the fact that the most talented people are most valuable according to his opinion.

Enzo Smrekar, MBA, Senior Executive Director and Board member at Droga Kolinska, who has among other experiences, responsibilities, missions also capabilities of a determined and experienced »Coach«, clearly presented his approach of coaching as concerns young promising cadres: »I am only sitting behind the wheel and driving. It is the young ones who instruct me how fast should I go, which way should I choose and to which destination should I drive them. They themselves know precisely what they wish to achieve and a good teacher should only support and encourage them on their way. One should give them a net not the fish«. He explained that in such a way he is personally reciprocating his company and providing it his own way of personal responsibility.

The discussion was led by two excellent interlocutors of the roundtable, Maja Bogataj Jančič, PhD, LL.M.(Harvard) LL.M.(Turin) founder of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Alen Kobilica, a man, known for extreme successes who added a special note to the event as he explained that the blind is not the one who lost his sight but the one who has no vision at all. The audience and the speakers greeted both warmly, were truly enraptured with them and positively responded to their very interesting questions, as they definitely gave a wider dimension to the event itself. The majority of the participants agreed that there are a lot of strong people in Slovenia, people who have and maintain vision and that therefore we can look with optimism into the future.

Videos from the event.

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