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In an age of revolutionary communication, poor communication skills are the culprit creating some of the heaviest drag on our productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. By teaching you to master simple but highly effective techniques, Own the Room® can transform even the most reticent or reluctant speaker into a dynamic and confident presenter. As thousands of people globally, from beginning enthusiasts to managers of Fortune 500 companies, have already experienced, Own the Room® System can help you become great presenter, thus allowing you to be able to effectively transfer your visions and ideas in bilateral conversations, team presentations or conference speeches in front of several hundred people. You will be shocked how good you can become quickly and how much fun it is to go through. Own The Room public speaking seminar is highly interactive, getting participants on camera multiple times. It uses exercises, humor and multiple technologies to help you get good fast. You understand how the brain receives information, how audiences react to you personally, what works and why. The goal is to give you the tools to continue to improve on your own.

AmCham Members have the unique, exclusive opportunity, to attend the Own The Room® in Ljubljana (in English language) on 19 March 2014, from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs for participation fee of just EUR 200 – just a fraction of the regular price.

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