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Own The Room®

In an age of revolutionary communication, poor communication skills are the culprit creating some of the heaviest drag on our productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. By teaching you to master simple but highly effective techniques, Own the Room® can transform even the most reticent or reluctant speaker into a dynamic and confident presenter. As thousands of people globally, from beginning enthusiasts to managers of Fortune 500 companies, have already experienced, Own the Room® System can help you become great presenter, thus allowing you to be able to effectively transfer your visions and ideas in bilateral conversations, team presentations or conference speeches in front of several hundred people. You will be shocked how good you can become quickly and how much fun it is to go through. Own The Room public speaking seminar is highly interactive, getting participants on camera multiple times. It uses exercises, humor and multiple technologies to help you get good fast. You understand how the brain receives information, how audiences react to you personally, what works and why. The goal is to give you the tools to continue to improve on your own.

Unique, exclusive opportunity for AmCham Members

AmCham Members have the unique, exclusive opportunity, to attend the Own The Room seminar in Ljubljana (in English language) on April 21 2015, from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs in Ljubljana, Hotel Plaza, Bratislavska 8, for participation fee of just EUR 200 – just a fraction of the regular price.

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Become the corporate athlete: start with your presentation skills

The best athletes on the planet hire coaches. Why? If they’re already the best, why would they hire an overall coach, strength coach, fitness coach or nutrition coach? In the Harvard Business Review, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz make the case that professional athletes spend about 90% of their time practicing and growing their skills and only 10% performing. This allows them to compete at the very highest levels. Most business professionals however- corporate athletes, if you will-spend virtually all their time performing and hardly ever take the time to grow their skills. You will gain an advantage in your career by improving your communication skills. Whether you are already great but always wanting a more competitive edge, or someone who has not yet truly developed your ability to present and speak in front of others, you are worth your own investment.

About Own The Room

Own the Room® the signature communication training program of Blue Planet Training, LLC, is an experiential, progression methodology guaranteed to produce dramatic and rapid improvement in your public speaking and presentation skills. Whether you are a CEO or new college graduate, an experienced spokesperson or a bashful beginner, Own the Room® will lead you to achieve transformative breakthroughs in your communication and confidence.

Structured in progressive levels, Own the Room® starts with the basics: understanding how the brain receives, responds to, and blocks information; overcoming fear and nervousness; and learning to connect with your audience.

Upon this foundation, we give you the building blocks of advanced communication: how to harness the power of storytelling; modulate your voice and body language; and involve and engage your audience. Always focused on the fun and the positive, Own the Room® helps you discover and develop your own charisma and style. We believe the most effective tool in public speaking is authenticity. At Own the Room®, you will learn to be your best true self, and use your own personality to be memorable and inspiring.

You’re on camera and in front of the audience from the first exercise to the last, practicing and perfecting your technique through fast-paced rotations of exercises, games and drills. With continuous feedback from both a live audience and video playback, you confidence will bloom as your presentations become more polished and professional.

Open Course in Ljubljana – sneak preview

Module 1: How our brains are wired

Our participants get comfortable being on camera with a series of tips and exercises on how the brain processes (and blocks) information. They learn how to eliminate weak language, overcome nervousness and actually enjoy speaking to groups. Level one gives them the tone and tools, the foundation for all the levels to come, including how leaders are perceived and what is executive presence.

Module 2: How to be memorable

How can we speak in a way that people remember what we said and make the desired impression? Level 2 gives our participants the techniques for using strong language to paint pictures and evoke emotions in the mind of the audience. Building on Level 1, it gets then on camera again doing exercises in pairs that teach them how to analyze any speaker they hear to see what worked and why. They learn how to start with a scene and read an audience to find breakthroughs in how they are perceived by them.

Module 3: Voice modulation and non-verbal communication

With that foundation, and using inspirational quotes as practice on camera, our participants learn how to modulate the volume and speed of their voice to make it more compelling to the ear of the audience. Body language is covered with techniques on what we do with our hands, face and body that strengthens our ability to be memorable, using much more of our range.

Module 4: The power of stories in business

This module is all about practicing how to share brief business and other stories with an audience to learn to describe memorable characters, statistics and scenarios. Our participants begin to learn how to command and use the full room. They learn how to construct the arc of a speech with a strong opening. Change creates energy so they practice different approaches to identify which can work best for them in different business situations.

Module 5: Audience involvement

There are two growing trends we begin to practice in level four; team presentations and involving an audience. Our participants learn seven techniques for involving an audience and practice them in teams. They are simple and easy, yet powerful. The key to persuasion is giving the audience a job where they share their results visibly back. It is all about balancing creativity and innovation with having a senior presence and focus.


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