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Chair: Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, NP Consulting d.o.o.

Mrs. Pergar is the owner and director of NP Consulting, independent advisory company that offers legal and business consultancy. Her focus is mainly on advising foreign investors in investing in Slovenia, as well as advising Slovenian companies upon considering various strategic investors. She also works with foreign investors in the process of developing important real estate projects and acts as local subcontractor in ING Bank projects in SEE. Previously she was working for one of the largest private equity funds in Slovenia. She was presiding or was a member of Supervisory boards of several important Slovenian companies. Between 1998 – 2003 she was a member of two Slovenian Governments, first as a Secretary General of the Government, and then as a Minister Junior for public administration. Serving in the Ministry of economy from 1988 to 1995 she had acquired a wide experience in public services. Mrs Pergar has a degree in law from the University of Ljubljana and MBA in finance from the Clemson University, South Carolina, USA.

Environment and Spatial Committee goals in 2015

Legislation in the field of construction must be efficient in order to avoid excessive constraints on the sector that plays an important part in every economy. Where complying with building regulations is excessively costly in time and money, many builders opt out (or even build illegally). However, where compliance is simple, straightforward and inexpensive, we can expect more investment and thus economic growth.

Therefore, the Committee’s goal is primarily focused to reduce the »red tape« in the area of construction while working closely with the Government and relevant ministries. We believe that greater cooperation of all institutions involved is needed, especially due to the fact that this area involves seven ministries. Thorough, constant education and coordination of the staff is crucial in order to achieve a common understanding of the legislative frame and associated other acts.

Our proposal to the Government is to create a comprehensive, coherent and transparent process of spatial planning and approvals, with more appropriate inclusion of environmental processes; to unify and shorten time limits of the municipal spatial plans (OPN) especially for those investments which would provide additional jobs; to provide better flexibility in creation of spatial planning content; to optimize the number of competent officials and their requirements in the individual stages of the procedure; demonopolization of certain areas, which are dominated by various institutions and deregulate areas of licences; to unify of the municipal contributions, by limiting the possible manipulations of the municipalities, and more. The Committee also expects that officials will have more competences and will be able to make decisions for which they will take the responsibilities.