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This week, from May 9 to 14, AmCham Slovenia – as the seat of the umbrella organization AmChams in Europe, is leading a strong delegation of AmChams from more than 30 countries to the US capital Washington DC and Raleigh, North Carolina.

In Washington, DC delegation members will meet with leading representatives of the US administration, including leaders from the US State Department and the US Department of Commerce, the US Chamber, Congress, and the White House. While visiting the state of North Carolina, they will as well visit some breakthrough companies and meet with leading American businesspeople such as the president of Epic Games, the founder of SAS, etc. With its accelerators and universities, Raleigh represents a fascinating ecosystem of the economy and the scientific sphere.

The main focus of the delegation will be on the current extent of the transatlantic economy and trade, recent political events, and the war in Ukraine and its consequences on the economy. The issues in the field of energy and digital policies will be addressed in more detail. At the same time, together with the US Ministry of Economy, they are going to launch the initiative Empower Her, which aims to empower women in the economy.

Ajša Vodnik, MSc, CEO of AmCham Slovenia and Vice President of AmChams in Europe, said: “Three and a half years ago when I was elected Vice President and we became the seat of the organization AmChams in Europe, some doubted whether we would be able to significantly transform AmChams in Europe, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary next year. I am proud that we have proven that Slovenians know how to raise the culture of dialogue and cooperation in the international arena. Despite the pandemic challenges, we have managed to connect more colleagues from 44 countries than ever before. Our network has also been hit hard by Russian aggression against Ukraine. Together (except for the Russian AmCham), we supported Ukraine and concretely helped Ukraine and our colleagues from AmCham Ukraine in various ways.”

We are all aware of the tremendous challenges facing the global economy, particularly the European economy, such as energy shortages and inflation, which is why we want to emphasize the importance of cooperation and transatlantic relations with this delegation. The United States is still Europe’s largest trading and investment partner.” She also stressed that the organization is an excellent opportunity to promote key values as AmCham Slovenia organizes two conferences for members of the Euro-Asian network, one in the US and the other in one of the Member States. You can read more about AmChams in Europe HERE.