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We have Two Mantras: “Slovenia, a Talent Magnet” and “Slovenia, the Home of Success”


We believe that the time has come for all social subsystems to unite in a large coalition or an alliance for Slovenia, and carry out much needed structural reforms (in pension and capital market, labor, judicial, tax, healthcare, and educational systems) that will enable us to achieve these two goals. It is time for success and hard work to be recognized and awarded appropriately. It is time to learn from one another and co-compete for a higher quality of living and business on a sustainable basis.

What counts is knowledge, experience, and the results of good work (meritocracy) built on the principles of equal opportunity, independent of gender, age, religion, party affiliation, or history. The public and private sectors should enhance each other in their dependence on accessibility on the one hand, and quality and efficiency on the other, not merely exist as an ideological topic. It should be clear that the public sector, too, is in dire need of internationally competitive and ambitious talents who can handle the unrelenting test of the market, for which they should be rewarded appropriately.

Our athletes and many entrepreneurs are competing on an Olympic scale, achieving outstanding results. It is time to set comparable goals throughout the Slovenian society and all of its subsystems, but that can only be achieved with the help of our best countrymen and women.

Here at AmCham Slovenia, we are not concerned with who was on the right side in 1945, but instead work towards all Slovenians being on the same side in 2045.


Welcome to a society of well-meaning, established, and, above all, independent patriots, who sincerely believe that we can change Slovenia, and the world, for the better.