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Interview with Laura and Enzo Smrekar, Founders of the VITAE+

Why did you decide to create this joint project Vitae and on what occasion?

Laura & Enzo: The year 2019 is a very special year for us. We were celebrating the jubilee 25th anniversary of our life as a couple. It is at moments like these that very special feelings come over you. You look a little deeper into yourself and become infinitely grateful for all that you are, that you have and that you know. At the time of the jubilee we felt that we wanted to intertwine our paths even more: to unite knowledge, experience and competencies and set aside part of life to help and support others.


What is the aim of the project and how does it supplement your personal “mission”?


Laura: I have been working for over 15 years in the field of work, employment and support for individuals looking for new career opportunities. Alongside his regular work, Enzo is also an active member of the Ski Association of Slovenia. At work we often come across the challenges faced by individuals, including sportsmen and women, who are embarking on a new path in life and searching for their identity. We felt the distress and challenges felt by many. For this purpose we combined our knowledge, experience and passion, and founded Institute Vitae+ to support sportsmen and women in life after their sports careers. Just as sport gives meaning to the life of a sportsperson, work gives meaning to the life of each individual. The route to success, feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment is long and strewn with many obstacles in both fields. Sometimes they seem to be insuperable and sometimes we feel powerless and alone. This is why personal expert support for the individual looking for work or sportsperson making the transition to a new path and looking for a new identity is of key importance.


Why must business leaders see more than just their company’s results?

Laura:  I am grateful that my work gives meaning to my life and that I have found the field that leaves me feeling immensely happy and fulfilled. However, my life is gaining increased meaning also from another aspect – work as help and support for others. Each period in a career brings new findings and also new needs and desires. As the years pass, the wish to share knowledge and support others keeps growing. It is right that each of us offers help where we can and where we are able. By sharing knowledge and experience we ourselves grow and develop both as individuals and as society.


What are the main findings you have gained from Vitae?

Laura & Enzo: The Project Vitae+ came about as our wish, idea, joint mission. But the path and journey to get it to life was always in one way or another connected with all our friends and partners. Vitae+ will continue to develop in this way in future, on the basis of connections, cooperation, partnerships and sharing knowledge and experience. Immediately after Vitae+ was launched I received very nice messages from some former sports persons and also others, friends, company representatives. Many people are prepared to help and cooperate on the basis of their experience. Vitae+ is not just a project, it is a story that will continue to live and develop.