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The Only Way Forward in These Turbulent Times is Through Collaboration


“One of the core values of AmCham Slovenia is collaboration. After the coronavirus changed the way we live and work almost overnight, I am convinced that the only way forward in these turbulent times is through collaboration. As pointed out in one of AmCham’s recent events, to overcome the challenges of the coronacrisis, it is vital for businesses, state, civil society and academia to come together in order to find the solutions – be it so desperately needed Covid-19 vaccine or the government measures to help the economy.

We are immensely proud that Nova KBM is the biggest American business investment in Slovenia. Collaboration is also one of the guiding principles in Nova KBM: without it, the recent merger with Abanka would not be possible. We are proud that through this biggest bank merger in Slovenia so far we did not only bring together two major banks, but also two large teams and best talents.

Collaboration is the key in our every-day efforts to deliver high end services and excellence to our clients, or when we build and nurture long-term partnership both with our vendors and suppliers as well as with the communities and environment we work in.


Now, the key question is: How to collaborate?

Collaboration in my view has two simple ingredients:

    1. First one is listenting to each other sincerely… Not just hearing, but really listening, with the goal to understand.
    1. And second, we have to act and be proactive.«