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Conscia is a company with a strong local presence in 6 countries spanning from the Nordics to Central and Southern Europe. It is committed to helping organizations and companies to use the latest technology in a reliable and secure way with IT infrastructures and services that enable organizations to focus solely on their business.

Conscia builds the success of their customers on the Conscia Network of Knowledge, a unique approach to building competencies and synergies across the group members. Every customer benefits from this by having all our six countries 900+ employees’ competence independent of the country they operate in. Local relationships combined with European expertise is key to our customers’ success.

Two years ago, Conscia extended to Slovenia by acquiring NIL. The decision was not driven by geographic expansion; it was done primarily due to competencies, culture, and innovative spirit that NIL and Slovenia as a country have been demonstrating. This is a very good fit with the Nordic heritage of Conscia.

The learning culture and innovational spirit are in the genes of NIL and Slovenia as a country. Located at the cross-roads of nations, cultures, and trade paths, Slovene people have had to be innovative and inventive. This spirit is also reflected in NIL and Conscia solutions, ranging from IT infrastructure to cybersecurity as a key component of today’s secure business.

Innovation does not only mean “ideas”, it’s about the implementation benefitting the customer. NIL as a Conscia member has pioneered many solutions, testing them first in its own environment. With agility, a characteristic of a small country, many solutions can be deployed faster and in an efficient way.

With Slovenia being connected with the largest international organizations, and with NIL within the Conscia Group working on solutions with leading vendors in the IT industry, the opportunities to conduct, drive, and optimize business are enormous.

The Conscia Group benefits from Slovenia and vice versa by driving innovation and always being a leader in the latest technology that creates reliable and secure IT infrastructure for the customers and the society as a whole.

Conscia sees Slovenia as a place where investments in competencies and innovative culture pays off financially and personally – customers and societies across Europe successfully drive digital transformation. This is only possible when we can attract and retain the best people in the industry across Europe, which we are very proud of in Conscia.

Eric Bertman, CEO Conscia Group, Advisor EQT group