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Not so long ago psychologists claimed that the commitment of a company`s employees is the key to success. Then we all thought that our employees have to be motivated to achieve their personal and team goals. Today we know that neither commitment nor motivation is powerful enough to reach the highest level of performance. Today we also know that the ability to inspire people is considered the single most important leadership skill.

Such leaders, we choose in Trimo. We believe that ability to infuse energy, passion, commitment and connection to the company’s mission and goals is essential for us. And for any other company as well. Inspired co-workers can drive the company much further than people, driven by outside motivation and commitment.

Trimo is celebrating a respectable 60th anniversary this year. We have been making giant strides in recent years. We increased our performance in every aspect. Not just in a balance sheet. We are truly better in every segment of our business.

Our improvement has been recognized by various organizations and institutions. We are proud of the EcoVadis Silver award – given by the world`s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings – which places us among the top 20% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis. Furthermore, Trimo is today recognized as the most reputable employer in the construction industry in Slovenia by the portal MojeDelo.

All this was possible because we have changed ourselves first, our pattern and way of leadership. Last but not least I share with you one extremely important value that distinguishes inspiring leaders: they enjoy working with people. They enjoy communicating, sharing, guiding, coaching… This is their main joy, purpose, task – but also their main challenge.

Wishing you inspirational leadership!

Božo Černila, CEO, Trimo