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Investments bring new ideas, new knowledge, new jobs, and new business culture to the country. They accelerate positive trends and prosperity, as well as foster technological and sustainable development in all areas of society. AmCham Investment Committee aims for Slovenia to become the first choice of investors coming to Europe, by improving the country’s investment opportunities and the business environment.

With this in mind, we in AmCham Slovenia stimulates advanced entrepreneurship, equipes young people, with leadership skills and suggests changes to the regulatory environment which we want to be friendly and procedurally quick and efficient, so that investors consider it trustworthy; and, last but not least, we invite investors. Slovenian and foreign.

Active collaboration with governments brings results. AmCham Investment Committee’s proposals to improve the situation in the economy address every current Slovenian government and this year’s preparation of “anti-corona measures” was not much different. We are pleased to find that several of our proposals were adopted, one of them being the debureaucratization of our economy and investment environment.

Let me also mention one recommendation that I find extremely important and that is the issuance of government bonds with a fixed yield, which would be bought by our citizens, while the means would be invested into Slovenian development projects. Furthermore, we follow with great interest the establishment of the Demographic Fund which is to manage the majority of state assets.

We see difficulties in both the international and Slovenian economy as an opportunity for new, daring ideas, for shifts from the traditional to the new. These shifts are most easily made by small, yet quality-based economies with appropriate potentials, the group of which the Slovenian economy is also a part.

“Slovenia can become one of the 15 most competitive countries in the world,” were the words of the Prime Minister in a talk at the AmCham Business Breakfast on September 29, 2020. That is a totally realistic, realizable, and yet ambitious, bold strategic goal.

Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, Director, NP Consulting, Co-Chair of the AmCham Investment Committee