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“We live in a time of extraordinary change. We are already deep in the transition to a carbon-free, sustainable economy and a future society. The Covid crisis is only accelerating all these processes. Environmentally friendly innovative solutions have long since moved from small niches to the mainstream, to the remarkable growth of new digital industries, which will soon exceed previously traditional industries in terms of scale and importance. With digital technologies, we are also revolutionizing ourselves beyond recognition.

The only way to avoid being left behind at the beginning of this epochal change is to always be ahead of the game, without wasting our limited time and resources on whether and how quickly we will follow others. It is crucial not to lag behind but to focus on understanding the needs of the future world. It is vital that we race ahead of others in developing and implementing solutions for that world. We are resolute in our conviction that we will be an integral part of it.

Why should such solutions just come from elsewhere? Why not turn all of Slovenia, as an optimal, natural, geostrategically perfectly positioned laboratory, into a high-tech European and global hub, which will decisively move Europe and the world forward in the right direction? Here and now?

Let us, therefore, allow ourselves to dream of a better future for all. Let’s delve deeper into understanding the megatrends that will shape tomorrow’s world. Let’s think sustainably about the big, the bold, and the boundlessly innovative. Let’s shape our visions, structure them into concrete strategies, and break out with innovative, creative solutions that will make our shared sustainable dreams come true. Let’s leave others to worry about whether they will still be able to keep up. If we want to follow the times, we need to be ahead of them.


Let’s get together and do the right things in the right way. Our lives are too short and too precious to continue to do the wrong things in the wrong way.


Iztok Seljak, Director, Hidria Holding

For Leaders Inspire, December 2020